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English French
aback étonné
abandon renoncer (more translation)
abase abaisser
abate alléger (more translation)
abbey abbaye
abbot abbé
abbreviate abréger (more translation)
ABC alphabet
abdicate abdiquent (more translation)
abdomen ventre (more translation)
aberrant abus
abet agiter (more translation)
abhorred abhorrés (more translation)
abhorrent hideux
abide soutenir (more translation)
abject dédaigneux
ablaze ardant
able valide (more translation)
abnormal rocambolesque
abode domicile (more translation)
abolish annuler (more translation)
abolition annulation (more translation)
abominable hideux
abominate exécrer (more translation)
aboriginal indigène (more translation)
aborigine autochtone
abort avorter (more translation)
abortion l'avortement
abound abonder (more translation)
about environ (more translation)
above dessus (more translation)
abrasion abrasion
abrasive perçant (more translation)
abridge rogner
abroad dehors (more translation)
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