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English French
abandon jonction
ability juste (more translation)
able la justice (more translation)
above mineurs
absent garder (more translation)
absurd bouilloire (more translation)
accept clés (more translation)
accident coup de pied (more translation)
accomplish enfant
accusation rénale (more translation)
acorn kidnapper
acquire tuer (more translation)
act parents
active genre (more translation)
actor roi (more translation)
adapt princesse
add royaume
address baiser (more translation)
adjust cerf-volant
admire chaton
admit du genou (more translation)
adopt s'agenouiller (more translation)
adult savoir (more translation)
advance chevalier
advantage tricoter (more translation)
advice frapper (more translation)
advise nœud (more translation)
affect connaissances
affection du travail
afraid laboratoire
afternoon manque
again échelle
aggravate lac (more translation)
aggressive boiteux
agitate des terres (more translation)
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